Our history begins in 1976 in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato under the name “Empacadora Celaya”. Since then we continue looking toward quality and service, with a vision to keep growing.

With 36 years in the market, we consolidated as Grupo Capistrano Alimentari, investing in technology and infrastructure with the goal to provide our clients and consumers quality products and excellent service, backed by a work force of more than 4,300 employees, qualified and committed with the company’s objectives.

The current market coverage consists of 22 distribution centers throughout Mexico, with a presence in 28 states and one distribution center in Guatemala.

Mujer Capistrano
The key to our success and growth depends on the freshness and quality of our products
Grupo Capistrano Alimentari

Over the years we have created several brands which have become recognized and have satisfied the quality demand of different market segments: Capistrano®, Marietta®, Aroos®, Any® and Yossi®.

In every production process we maintain the highest quality and hygienic standards, holding the certification TIF (Federal Inspection Type 167) and the certification ISO 22000.

Currently Grupo Capistrano Alimentari is integrated by: Empacadora Celaya S.A. de C.V., responsible for the production, distribution and sale of our products. Arrendamientos de Querétaro S.A. de C.V., which owns assets and brands and finally Su Gente who are in charge of the promotion for the brands and its products at the point of purchase.

Certificación TIF Capistrano


TIF Certification – Federal Inspection Type – is a set of rules, obligations and health monitoring at the highest level exerted by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food – SAGARPA – according to nationally and internationally accepted standards; on the premises, the construction, conservation and hygiene; inspection procedures of the livestock and the meat obtained from them; on the machinery, equipment, clothing and utensils used in the process of obtaining goods of animal origin from the companies operating under it.

The Secretary´s office provides this certification to establishments that meet all the standards and requirements of the Mexican Government, in terms of their treatment and management of health and safety.

The TIF seal has health quality assurance with which the product was developed, as well as opening the possibility of international trade since only establishments with the TIF certification are eligible for export.

Thanks to the excellent quality and hygienic standards in our production process we have held the TIF certification (Federal Inspection Type 167) since November 1994.


You and your family's wellbeing inspires us every day to deliver the highest quality products.


We nourish your family with products of the highest quality and innovation for their well-being.


To be a company highly recognized for the value of our brands, profitable growth and a committed and competitive staff.


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